M’kole “Lyrics” – K-Zino

M'kole lyrics

M’kole “Lyrics”

By K-Zino

Well excuse my honesty
But I’ve just changed my policy
Cause ever since we spent that night together
Your smile is all I see
I know you just broke up with him
And you’re not yet over him
But by the time your feelings fade away
You’ll be already far away

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You should’ve never told me that your heart is an empty space
You should’ve never asked me to come over your place
You should’ve never touched me  you did it anyway
My plan was not to stay, then it happened
And now

M kole (I’m falling)
M kole (it happened)
M kole

Mwen konnen l te fè w pwomès pou l pa janmen blese w
Men si jodya w ale se paske li echwe
Ase souvan w te konn kriye
Pou tout sa w tap andire
Men ou pat janmen lage
Wi sevre ke lanmou te fè w rete

You should’ve never told me  ke pawòl li pa ase
You should’ve never asked me  pou m vin console l
You should’ve never touched me ou fè l san ezite
Tout sa m pa ta panse se li k rive
E kounya

Sa rive
Mwen la e mwen pap deplase
Depi jou sa nan kè m ou ret grave

Kole (x2)

How could he find all these ways to put tears in your eyes
When mission was to make you feel in paradise
Thank God I had the chance that night it all makes sense
But what I thought just had an end I’m afraid is about to begin

Kole (x2)

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