Lyrics My Way – J-Perry (feat Nyanda)


Lyrics My Way

By J-Perry feat Nyanda

Our life is a battle between what do or not
always confused by what to believe in
sometimes it feels so right but yet it’s so wrong
sometimes it feels so wrong but yet it’s so right
you gotta hear your gut saying

i’m living for today
cause i don’t know if i’ll be around tomorrow
i don’t care what they say
i’m doing it in my way

Me i live my life
like everyday is the last day
and every single day is my birthday
everything is a right in a wrong way
but i’m gonna keep doing it my way
care is so hard without blame
person’s good vibes can relate
always choose ligh in a crossway
bad mind will keep it in that balt

Maybe you’ll just let it go
living life on the rim
let it flow

Let it all go
cause nobody else knows
don’t care if it shows